Interact Club

 Students from class VI to X have been enrolled as Interactors. A total of 20 Interactors are active in the spread of education in the villages or the periphery. They reach out to the villagers to distribute warm clothes, sweets, stationery and books. They are instrumental in the greening of the surroundings too. The Interactors put up meaningful write-ups and posters on the Display Board for the club.

Philately Club

15 students from Class VI to X have been enrolled as the Philatelic Club members. Each one of them has maintained a Stamp Album. They collect stamps from used covers. They exchange stamps with their friends too. A few of them have subscribed to the Philatelic Deposit Account and hence have access to Miniature Sheets, First Day Covers and Stamps. They keep participating in letter writing contests conducted by the Department of Posts, Government of India..

Nature Club

“The Earth provides enough, to satisfy every man’s need, but not everyman’s greed”
                                                                                                                                                   Mahatma Gandhi
Nature is magical. It inspires us and above all, sustains us. The ‘Nature Club’ od DPS, Damanjodi is acting in creating awareness regarding the importance, preservation and conservation of nature. Presently the club is actively functioning with 93 students from classes VI to IX.
Activity of the club:
·           The club creates awareness among the students regarding present scenario of the environment                through speeches, quizzes, songs, skits etc. On every Thursday morning assembly.
·           The nature club display board is used judiciously. Various posters and articles related to                      environment issue are displayed for all to be informed.
·           The club members undertook a spirited move of banning polythene by distributing self made            things as paper bags in the nearby market complex.
·           Awareness programs are conducted on EARTH DAY and plantation is done during VAN                             MAHOTSAVA WEEK.
·           The club prepares the children for various competitions and exhibitions.
·           The students are taken on a trip to the nearby OUAT farm, Semiliguda to view biodiversity and                    ecosystem at its best, every year.
    All in all our earnest desire and endeavour will be to be in sync with “our Mother” –our earth.